“Voted Top Three Marriage Counselors In Tempe”

“We came to Travis for  premarital counseling. Our experience was beneficial in so many ways. We learned so much about ourselves, our relationship, and how to honor the Lord through our marriage. 5 years later we still use the tools he instilled in U.S.” -Kristy Dyer

“After a 5 month separation from my husband and still feeling in crisis mode I began looking for the right therapist to help me navigate the issues in my unique circumstances.  I needed someone whom I could trust and someone who could guide me so that I could be in alignment with my Christian values and find healing for myself and hopefully in my marriage as well.  With Travis’ help I have come to a place of peace and am living an emotionally healthy life. Certainly God gets the credit for this but most assuredly he used Travis as a vessel to help guide me in a very dark and emotionally challenging time in my life.  Travis is insightful and very competent as a therapist and as a pastor and I will always be deeply grateful for his assistance.  I highly recommend Travis for your counseling and coaching needs.”
– Anonymous

“Travis Helped Save My Marriage

My marriage was falling apart. I felt so far away from my husband even though we shared the same house, the same room, the same bed. I was so lonely, and I felt he could not and did not understand. We started living apart, and eventually I consulted a divorce attorney. Talk about my upsetting husband’s apple cart! And mine too, because of his reaction. At the behest of a good friend, I asked Travis if we could meet. Call me crazy, but I thought Travis was going to send me off with his blessing to do whatever will make me ‘feel happy’. I had been to counseling before and I knew how it worked. Or so I thought. Boy was I in for a surprise!

We opened in prayer. I told my story. Travis listened. To everything. Really listened. Then he shared. Real stuff. God’s word. His intention for the covenant of marriage. The work God has yet to complete in both of us – individually and as a couple. There was more, so much more.  All of what Travis shared was not at all what I expected but it was exactly what I needed. I did not know it when I left our meeting that evening, but after I had time to think about what was said and to read my bible, I realized my marriage was far too valuable to abandon. If God is still working in me and my husband and in our marriage, then I need to do the same. We are still a work in progress, but we are doing it together! Travis helped saved my marriage!

Many counselors miss the mark when it comes to connecting with their clients. God has truly blessed Travis with the ability to reach you wherever you are in life. He helps you to reach deep within, to seek God’s will for your life.”

I have had the privilege of counseling with Pastor Travis Dale with my spouse as well as individually.  Pastor Dale is a great counselor.   He is a good listener.  He gives sound advice.  He also gives you a different perspective of the problem by giving you small “homework assignments” to complete.  I also felt comfort that Pastor Dale is a pastor and his advice and suggestions are backed by biblical principles.  I learned a lot about myself and a lot about my relationship with my husband by speaking with Pastor Dale.  I would highly recommend Pastor Dale as a counselor.  –Ann Kool