The Toolbox Inside

“The Toolbox Inside”
Many people come to see me dealing with grief, anxiety, depression, loss, anger, communication issues, conflict, divorce, abuse, trauma… and the list goes on and on.
I have told these people that we all have a toolbox built within us. Let me explain. Many times in life and relationships we have an issue or situation which causes us to be stuck. It’s like when your child gets that new toy with the battery compartment at Christmas that requires the use of a very small unique Phillips screwdriver and you only have a somewhat small flat head screwdriver (or you try using your car keys). You do your best, but shortly become frustrated and even angry. You could have just gone and looked through your toolbox in the garage for the right tool, but for some reason you keep trying to get this thing open with the wrong tool. All the while your child is driving you crazy waiting to play with their new toy! You might eventually get that dumb toy open, but wouldn’t it be so much easier with the right tool?
We do this in life, right? We have events or situations happen to us and we try to use a tool to fix ourself or the situation and it seems like it’s working or it might even work for a while. However we usually end up frustrated or even angry. Sometimes we even end up “breaking” things in our life or relationships because we’ve been using the wrong tools!
The hopeful thing is we all have a toolbox built within ourself. We have the right tools to fix our situations, our relationships and our life. We have the right tools to cope, to change and to live! You have the right tools to get unstuck, to change how you communicate and to share your feelings. You have the tools to become the best version of YOU. You have the tools to become the best version of your relationship. You have the RIGHT tools built Inside YOU!
But sometimes you need a little help finding the tools, right? Sometimes the tool is right in front of your face. You’ve been looking so long for it and you just need another set of eyes and ears to help you see the right tool. That’s where I can help! As a Therapist this is one of my greatest privileges. It’s helping people, couples and families find the right tools for their unique situation. It’s helping you find the tools inside! Let me help you find the right tools!
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