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Yeah, Yeah, Yeah I know it’s not wedding season in our warm state of Arizona, but the plans are in the works. Right now I have the honor of working through my 6 Week PreMarital Counseling/Prep Course with 4 different couples. These engaged couples are making plans for a fall wedding right now. They have reserved the date, Church/site and reception space. Flowers, cake and catering are done. The DJ and Photographer have been reserved. The groomsmen and bridesmaids have been asked and plans for the Bachelor/ette parties are made too! Everything is coming together.
Wait – the Marriage License? Yep – got that too.
Wait… what about the most important thing to do before the wedding? Nope – sorry the rings are already paid for and the honeymoon is already reserved.
Wait… what about The Pastor?… yep he has already been picked too.
So what’s missing?
How about Marriage Preparation?, PreMarital Counseling? or Preparation? Whatever it’s name it is vital that couples prepare for their marriage!
For the past 23 + years I have had the honor of officiating many weddings. I have been involved in some pretty fun weddings for close friends, previous students from my Youth Groups, and others who found me through personal referrals or my website: www.travisdalecounseling.com
For many of the couples who were older and/or remarrying Pre-marital Counseling was not part of the check list before getting married. However for the young couples who were previous students in my Youth Group It was required that they spend 6-8 sessions with me going through a “PreMarital Preparation/Counseling Course”
If you are engaged, planning to get married, dating seriously and close to engagement I highly recommend that you make the investment in your future Marriage and sign up for my PreMartial Prepare for your Marriage.
When I spend time with couples before their wedding I meet with them regularly over 4-8 weeks to go over the following items.
> Personal background and history (upbringing, trauma?, abuse?
> Marriage expectations
> Family background (dynamics, history, etc)
> Communication and Conflict Resolution
> Love Languages (Gary Chapman)
> Personality Test (Gary Chapman)
> Husband and Wife Roles
> Family Planning, future thoughts (discipline, etc)
> Spiritual Intimacy
> Finances and Budgeting (Dave Ramsey)
> Sports, hobbies, extracurricular activities, travel, etc

So are you getting married or thinking about it anytime soon? Give me a call and we can get you and that special someone started on your journey to an awesome Marriage! I can officiate your wedding AND take you through my 6 week PreMarital Counseling/Preparation course. http://www.travisdalecounseling.com/wedding-officiant
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