The Struggle is Real…

This past weekend I watched as one of my all time hero’s here on earth was inducted into the National Football Hall Fame. This man had one heck of a journey on his way to the top. He didn’t have it easy. At many times it was a struggle for him. He was drafted and then cut by the Green Bay Packers. Out of work, he then took a job at a local Grocery store to make ends meet. He then got a job playing in Arena Football for a few years.Then he got a chance to play football for a year in Amsterdam. With that he finally got his chance at the NFL with the St. Louis Rams. When the starting QB (Trent Green) went down with an injury he was called in to lead the team. He then lead them to a Superbowl… a Superbowl WIN and was named MVP. It wasn’t the end for this man. He went to another Superbowl with the Rams and after a few years of more struggle (with the New York Giants) he ended up with the Arizona Cardinals and lead them to an exciting comeback Superbowl. Even though they didn’t win, it was amazing to witness this man’s desire to be the best at what he did, no matter the age or given circumstances. He always did his best to stay positive and work hard. The beginning of his journey was a struggle at many turns, but he made it. Thanks Kurt Warner for your example to all of us…. Don’t give up. Keep your faith solid. “Don’t let your struggle become your identity”.
So where are you at today? I hope you feel accomplished! I hope you feel challenged! but…
Maybe you are feeling helpless. Maybe you feel hopeless. Maybe you feel like you have had so many obstacles and struggles with your current situation that giving up just seems like the only way. Is it a relationship that keeps you stuck? Is it an injury? A sickness? Depression? Anxiety? Drugs? Alcohol? Eating Disorder? Mental Disorder? Personality Disorder?. Have you simply struggled with something so long that you just put up with it OR better yet has it started to define you? Do you find your inner self talk saying…
“I’m depressed”
“I’m not worthy”
“I’m fat”
“I’m weak”
“I’m Injured”
“I’m addicted”
“I’m lonely”
“I’m done”
Turn your struggle into a personal challenge. A challenge to overcome the battle that rages in your mind, body and spirit. Maybe you need help with this battle?
Please reach out and get help today!
“Don’t let your struggle become your identity!”

In Kurt Warner’s final statement of his Hall of Fame speech he said, “His final moment was for me. Mine is for him. Thank you Jesus!” – Kurt Warner sure knows WHATt his identity is and WHOM his identity is in. How about you?

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