A Few Less Than 13 Benefits…

A few less than 13 benefits of Counseling!
The classic conditioned response could be “Why not?” We spend thousands of dollars each year making the outside shell of who we are look good, so why not the inside? Why not the mind? We spend a ton of money and time on relationships, but fail to spend time really “knowing” the person we love the most.. We spend hours and hours with the same people, but sometimes we just get stuck. We end up stuck in what seems like a dead end relationship. We get stuck by a huge family blow up, gossip and hurtful words. We get stuck because we feel we aren’t good enough, likeable enough or good looking to be around others. We get stuck in fear. We get stuck in pain. We get stuck!
So how do we get “unstuck”?
It’s like we are a broken down vehicle and the fix is just a $3 part, but we continue to drive around because we think it will be too big of a cost to fix the problem.
We do that right? We have our own opinions about Counseling. “Counseling is for people with big problems”, we might say. Or Counseling is so expensive and they don’t take my insurance. Or we have it in our minds that “Counseling just won’t work” – We are stuck (With a lot of excuses I’d say). We do that. We get ourselves stuck. Stuck in a hurtful, dead end, confusing relationships. We get stuck in life (a job we hate with a horrible boss, a place we don’t want to live, an non-supportive family). We get stuck. Stuck in our thoughts…. and sometimes… it shuts us down.
So YES Counseling is for people who are stuck, but it’s also a way to prevent “getting stuck”. So Why Counseling? Well her’s just a few reasons… and yes there is fewer than 13 (we’ll save that topic for another blog) Check out the bubble picture attached!
If you need help getting unstuck or just need someone to talk through your situation who has years of experience please feel free to contact me today. travis@travisdalecounseling.com 602-741-2821
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