The Toolbox Inside

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“The Toolbox Inside” Many people come to see me dealing with grief, anxiety, depression, loss, anger, communication issues, conflict, divorce, abuse, trauma… and the list goes on and on. I have told these people that we all have a toolbox built within us. Let me explain. Many times in life and relationships we have an […]


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4 Calls/emails since Monday about help with a loved one who has made a Suicide attempt or talked about Suicide. What is happening? Isn’t Thanksgiving and Christmas supposed to be a joyful time? I’m hear to tell you that for many people the Holiday season is the darkest of times. It may bring up the […]

It Just Feels Forced

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Have you ever felt that way about someone you are in relationship with? Maybe you are in a marriage where you wish that your spouse did or said things more “naturally”, but they don’t. Then when they do say or do the things you wish it “feels forced”. Hey I get it. I’ve actually been […]

No Expectations

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Have you ever been let down or even hurt because you have expected a person or situation to be different? When we expect things from people we set ourself up for heartache and hurt OR a big blessing or surprise. “No Expectations”… Should we expect things of people? And who? What are your expectations for […]


Reduce Stress and Chronic Pain with this One Practice

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Thirty-five years ago Massachusetts scientist, Jon Kabat-Zin, developed a new approach to overcoming the challenges and adventures of everyday life. The intensive training program he developed is called Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR). It uses mindfulness meditation to allow participants to increase their awareness of their experiences, and respond more effectively to pain, illness, and […]