Spring Cleaning

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Everything is growing… plants, flowers, trees and grass Spring Training/Baseball. Outdoor activities March Madness The Master’s Lent Mardi Gras Easter St. Patrick’s Day April Fool’s Day Spring Break Getting back in the pool Spring Cleaning… Spring represents many things for many different people. For many it’s the reminder to re-commit to our New Year’s resolutions. […]

Always Kiss Me Goodnight

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“Always Kiss Me Goodnight” In my son’s room hangs a wooden sign that says “Always Kiss Me Goodnight”. Mom (my wife) is pretty good at giving all three of our boys a kiss and hug goodnight… even if they don’t hug back, which is a typical teenage boy response. However my 9 year old will […]

The Toolbox Inside

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“The Toolbox Inside” Many people come to see me dealing with grief, anxiety, depression, loss, anger, communication issues, conflict, divorce, abuse, trauma… and the list goes on and on. I have told these people that we all have a toolbox built within us. Let me explain. Many times in life and relationships we have an […]


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4 Calls/emails since Monday about help with a loved one who has made a Suicide attempt or talked about Suicide. What is happening? Isn’t Thanksgiving and Christmas supposed to be a joyful time? I’m hear to tell you that for many people the Holiday season is the darkest of times. It may bring up the […]